Aperture Technologies, Inc.


Financial Information

Registration Price: $50

Hosting Expenses: $750/mon.

MARKET: 30.00200

EQUITY: 89.00%

REVENUE: 29.50200

LIQUIDITY: 128.00%

Mark: 35.000

Limit: 25.000

Volume: 78,747

Month Mark: 50.000

Month Limit: 25.000

Quarter Mark: 40.000

Quarter Limit: 20.000

Annual mark: 70.000

Annual Limit: 45.000

registration Information

date of registration: 03/12/2017

Data Protection Officer: Moriah Pereira

Registration ID: #00001

registrar name: Josh wilson

registrar phone: (833) 259 - 7723

registrar email: contact@aperture.technology

Registration URL: https://aperture.technology

provider information: squarespace, inc.

business name: Aperture technologies, inc.

Business information: Here at Aperture Technology, our community of engineers offer the highest quality business solutions, specializing in information security, all at an affordable rate for your company or business. Our team at Aperture is dedicated to provide services to ensure information security to your company and providing enterprise solutions such as digital marketing, infrastructure analysis and cloud deployment. Our engineers here at Aperture are designing software with artificial intelligence to streamline our cloud protection services, analyze potential threats, and automate tasks through machine learning. We hope our services and applications satisfy your needs, regardless of whether you're a company concerned with information security, an existing business trying to market your website, or an institution trying expand your network, we're here to serve you!